This character is symbolic of a future-oriented shape, with the symbol elements of Han(ù×), elevated flight and wings, which represents knowledge and virtue.
It also embodies the clean natural environment (water, mountains) of
Hallym University.
The vivid and intimate shape of this character, it represents the image of Hallym University, which strives to be the leader in the modern world.

A. Hallym University

Han is an imaginary bird, which flies above other birds. Long ago in China, people called the intellect of the age "Hallymwon".
The origin of the world Academy is Academia, which is a higher education institute for Greeks, and Academy, in Korean, is ¡°Hallymwon¡±.
In Korea, from the Silla Dynasty until the Chosun Dynasty, Hallymwon had been referred to as a high education institute.
The name "Hallym" comes from "Hallymwon". The motto of Hallym University is "Spirit of Han-Bie" which is for scholars who are visionaries and leaders of modern society.

B. Symbol

The tree of Hallym University is the Pine and the bird of Hallym University is the imaginary "Han".

£Ã. University Symbol

Hallym is a group of men of virtue. Han is the imaginary bird, which flies above other birds and sees the world widely.
It symbolizes the founding spirits of Hallym University. In other words, Han-Bie spirit is the spirit of Hallym University.
This symbol gives shape to the Han-Bie spirit.

"HL", which is the initial found within the shape of the bird represents the outstanding students of Hallym University.
Specifically, 'H' denotes humanity and 'L' denotes leadership.
The elegant style of a flying bird represents the enterprising image of Hallym University, which prepares students for the future.
The blue color symbolizes the beautiful environment of Chuncheon, the lake city, and the turquoise color symbolizes refined youthfulness.
With each meaning, the shape of the flying bird signifies the bright future of Hallym University and its students.

D. University Motto