Dept. of Life Science

Dept. of Life Science

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The research purpose of the Department of Life Science is related to all the natural science fields near it and studies them based on the basic theories of biological phenomena by making organisms subjects of study. Therefore, the Department of Life Science educates students to make them learn basic knowledge of overall life science firmly and furthermore, have academic knowledge required for experts in special fields by establishing the basic theory used in various applied fields as the pure science field and teaching them many academic fields variously and evenly.

Prospects and career

As majors of Life Science are subdivided, new facts of biological phenomena will continue to be found. Therefore, the development of biotechnology that uses organisms will also continue as the biological science technology will be accumulated. This will improve the quality of human life as it is connected to the bio industries. Therefore, graduates have actively entered graduate schools and research institutes related to biology (Medical science, agricultural science, environmentology, and sitology), public offices as civil servants in the relevant fields, and schools as middle and high school teachers.