Double majors

How to complete a double major

- Departments subject to completion: You can complete 2 or more double majors in all faculty (departments) except for the faculty of International Studies and College of Medicine (but, only mutual double majors are possible for students majoring in International Studies, International Commerce, business administration and International Marketing Communication)

- Credits to be completed: Prior to graduation, students must acquire more than 33 credits of courses of the first major and the second major (But, from students enrolled after 2002, Majors of Social Welfare Studies and Elderly Welfare Studies 42, Law, Public Administration 35, Physical Education, Rehabilitation Kinematics 40, starting with student number 2008, Majors of Social Welfare Studies, Elderly Welfare Studies 54 credits, from student number 2009, Business Administration 45 credits, College of Natural Sciences and Health Life, Engineering College 39 credits, Japanese studies 45 credits from new students in 2016) and pass the graduation thesis or the comprehensive graduation examination of the double major.
But, students who applied for courses in teaching need to complete at least 50 credits including basic courses designated as major credits related to teaching profession, and their overall grade must be 75/100 points or higher on average even if they double major.
(If a student majoring in other studies other than business administration double majors in medical care management and convention and tourism management, he/she is required to double major in business administration at the same time)

Application and Selection

- Application Period: Students who want to take a double major shall apply by using the integrated information system within the designated period from the first semester of the second year to the second semester of the fourth year.
- Permission of double major: Undergraduate (major if the major is separated), not exceeding 50% of the fixed number of people of each department.
- Students in transferring to the 3rd year may apply for a double major before the promotion to the first semester of the 3rd year.

Recognition of change, cancellation and minority

- Change and renunciation of double major: If a student completing a double major is trying to change his / her major, he / she may change his / her major during the application period only once.
However, in case of renunciation, graduation is possible only if it meets graduation requirement of a single major (minimum number of credits completed, major credit, etc.).
- Multiple major cancellation: Cancel by submitting a "double major cancellation application form" to the administrative team within 30 days of the beginning of each semester.
- Switch to minor: A student who has completed a double major can not receive credits required for the double major upon graduation but received at least 42 credits in the first major and 21 credits in the double major or more (But, since 2009, 50 credits for the first major, 25 credits for the double major in College of Natural Science and Health, 51 credits for the first major, and 27 credits for the double major in College of Engineering)

Criteria for completion by college of minor (After 2009)

부전공 소속 단과대학별 이수기준 (2009학번 이후)
Department College Major Completion Credits Remarks
Major Minor Major Minor Total
College of Humanities
College of Social Science
College of Administration
Humanities, Social studies, Business Administration 42 21 63 In the case of a cooperative major
it is decided separately.
Natural Sciences 42 25 67
Engineering 42 27 68
College of Natural Sciences and Health Life Humanities, Social studies, Business Administration 50 21 71
Natural Sciences 50 25 75
Engineering 50 27 77
College of Engineering Humanities, Social studies, Business Administration 51 21 72
Natural Sciences 51 25 76
51 27 78
Department of Japanese Studies,
Department of Chinese Studies,
Department of Russian Studies
Convergence of Northeast Asia Region 60 21 81


- Completion of courses: Completion of the subject of the student is based on the curriculum of the double major college. However, completion of basic major liberal arts courses of the college subject to double major is exempted.
- Major credits of college subject to double major completed as a general elective course before applying for the completion of a double major are recognized as double major credits.
- If you fail to meet the graduation requirements of your major, you may not obtain a degree even if the graduation requirements of the first and second double major are met (can not graduate).