Student Activities

It is divided into Student Union elected by student elections (student council/College Student Association) and other self-governing bodies for various student activities (Hallym Broadcasting Corporation, Graduation Preparatory Committee, etc.).

Student Council

It is organized by selecting the president and vice president of the student council by student election and consists of about 20 staff members (director / manager).
It conducts various student events (festivals - Bibong Festival etc.), student autonomous organization meetings (Central Steering Committee, transfer conferences, etc.), volunteer activities, and promote various student welfare projects through the Student Welfare Committee

Campus Contact information : 033-248-3801

College Student Union

It is organized by selecting the president and vice president of the student council by college by student election and consists of about 15 staff members (director / manager).
It promotes various events for each college (athletic competition by college, freshman learning place, etc.) and student welfare projects.


Other Student Self-governing Organizations

학생회 기타 학생자치기구 안내
Organization name Role Homepage
Hallym School Newspaper As a representative press agency of the university, it started publishing in 1983 and publishes ‘Hallym School Newspaper’ every week during the semester by covering major issues both inside and outside the school.
Hallym Broadcasting Station Opened in 1985, it is composed of production section, announcer section, technical section, and press section and semester regular broadcasts consist of morning broadcast (08:25 ~ 08:55), noon broadcast (11:50 ~ 12:00) and afternoon broadcast (17:50 ~ 18:20).
School Magazine Editing Committee As a student autonomous journalism organization, students freely write manuscripts and it is published once in a semester, starting with the first publication in 1986.
Central Election Commission It administers the fair administration and affairs of the election of the Student Council and the College Student Union. -
Graduation Preparatory Committee As an organization for 4th grade students preparing for graduation, it is responsible for commemorative projects including graduation album. -