Student Activities

As pure Korean for groups, a club means a group of people who share purpose and ideals A university is called as a subordinate society because it creates its own good and healthy culture through group activities with a sense of purpose not just technical education or academic research.  As an active subject, not a passive object of culture, it plays a role of improving the qualities of democratic citizens of participating students as a whole.

As of March 2016, there are 43 clubs registered in our school, and they are carrying out various activities based on cultural, cultural, religious, academic, service, physical education, entrepreneurial and other fields.

Club Association

As a coalition of clubs active in the campus, it is a self-governing organization that supports the activities of each club and promotes the interests of the club and its members.

Students subjectively hold performances such as rock group, Pungmul Troupe, quiz competition, Hallym song festival, singing festival, sports event, and exhibitions such as video screenings and club exhibitions are also held. The school also organizes a mountain climbing tournament to promote unity among the members, and a marathon competition is held by the alumni association. The Bibong Festival is a festival where faculty, students, and graduates feel the 'Hallym Community'.

Campus Contact information : 033-248-3803

Academic club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
CHAOS Computer Learn and share the overall skills of computers
Hallym Patent Office Startup· Patent Achievement of goals through start-up, patent application and participation in competition
Nuribom Developing self-development planning, leadership, and presentation skills, aiming for activeness and spontaneity
Sirius Tarot Cards earning Tarot cards, study and sharing information

Exhibition creative club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
AD-ZONE Advertising Advertising Study and Plan production
Free-Style Model making Collaboration and creativity through work activities
Cheonji Cartoon Awareness of the importance and popularity of subcultures, exploration of research and development
Jangsangonmae literature Culture Culture creation
Fumetto Animation Discussion on Modern Japanese Culture (Comics)
White drawing paper Drawing Promotion of art activities and exhibitions
Video frame Liberation movie Through the medium called film
Hanbit Photography Society Photographs Friendships, taking pictures and making memories

Performance club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
CODA Rock music Providing music and performances through band activities
X-RAY Rock music Harmony and communication through rock
Hip-hop PD Black music Spreading hip-hop culture and street dance culture
Chumbaram Hip-hop Self-development through dance and formation of performance culture in school
Bonghyun Association Classical Guitar Learning the classical guitar and reciting what they learned
Meongme Samulnori Learning traditional culture and spreading our culture
Wagon wheels All songs, music Playing and practice, performances around guitar sessions

Athletic club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
Tie-Break Tennis Tennis activities, health promotion and unity
Haegangbak Kendo Training a healthy body, active life and Kendo spirit with a courtesy and personality
Subak Association Taekwondo Strengthening the body, building up the character through physical and mental training and defending the body
KICKER Soccer Improvement of soccer skills and friendly relationship and health promotion
Snake baseball Activities of people who love baseball
High Clear Badminton Acquiring a certificate for life sports instructor and participating in the contest and promoting healthy physical health
Hallym basket Basketball Strengthening physical fitness through basketball and creating smooth fellowship
Phoenix Football Promoting friendship and improving physical fitness through sacrifice, service, and cooperation, the spirit of American football
Who’s Next Street basketball Studying hip-hoop, a street basketball, increasing physical fitness and contributing to the formation of a vibrant university culture
Balance Health Adding interest to boring health workout and seeking professional and systematic workout
Oops Basketball Participating in and holding basketball tournament and promoting friendship
HTC Table tennis Easily meeting table tennis without discrimination between men and women and energetic university life through this
X-TRIC Extreme Sports Health management through life sports and leisure sports and extreme sports
Cider Soccer Improving friendship and football skills by meeting each college

Religious club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
IVF Christianity Looking after neglected neighbors on campus and mimicking Jesus' life and spreading his life
JDM Christianity Spreading the gospel by practicing fellowship and love of Christian students
CCC Christianity Campus evangelization, national evangelization, world evangelization
Jesus Evangelist Christianity To train and send to be able to spread the gospel effectively
Catholic Student Association Catholic Becoming one with prayer, mass, service, and love.

Volunteer club

학술동아리 안내
Circle name Details field Details CHAOS
Rotaract service Contributing to the development of local communities and welfare, and contributing to the exchange of international society
Blue Dragon Association Marine Corps Serving the nation and society through community service activities with a thorough nation view
LH Mentoring Mentoring Mentoring activities for elementary and secondary school students
Good Friends Volunteering Child Rights and Abuse Prevention Campaigns and Child Mentoring
GIVE Volunteering Serving society by voluntarily sharing their talents