Student Activities

The university festival is held throughout Spring / Autumn. The Bibong Festival organized by the Student council and the Wildfire festival organized by the Club Association are held in spring (May) and autumn (October) a two-day schedule, respectively 

Bibong Festival

It is a spring festival organized by Student Concil in which college student unions and department student unions mainly participate.
Events such as various events and singing contest, Hallym Music Festival, food market, invitational performances are held throughout the campus.


Wildfire Festival

It is a fall festival organized by Club Association in which 43 central clubs (as of March 2016) participate.
Events such as performances and academic presentations, food festivals, invitational performances are held according to the characteristics of each club.


Orientation for freshmen

Alll new students will be provided with information on university life, bachelor's degree system and learning methods, enrollment application, education, and multifaceted personality testing.

Other events

Various events such as country journey (summer vacation), love briquet sharing (winter season), dormitory opening are held.