Logo Type

Hal-lym means a group of outstanding scholars.
Like an imaginary bird looking down at the wide world while flying over other birds, Han symbolizes the founding spirit of Hallym University that pursues excellence.
Hanbi Spirit is the spirit of Hallym University. This symbol symbolizes the Hanbi Spirit.
심볼마크 이미지
The initials HL, shaped like a bird, symbolize the outstanding talents of Hallym University. In particular, H and L mean humanity and leadership, respectively. 
The cheerful appearance of the bird’s flight expresses the progressive image of Hallym University, which is aiming for the world and the future.
The blue and turquoise colors symbolize the beautiful natural environment of the lakeside city of Chuncheon and refined youth, respectively.
Expressed as a single shape of a flying bird, each of these meanings symbolizes the bright future of Hallym, which is flying higher and higher

Logo Type

The logo, along with the symbol, is one of the most important elements of Hallym University UI. It was developed as a unique character to differentiate it from other groups, while harmonizing with the symbol.
Developed in consideration of harmony and readability with other design elements, the logo type is a unique official mark of Hallym University. 

Korean and English Logo Type

국영문로고타입 이미지

English Logo Type

영문로고타입 이미지

Chinese Character Logo Type

한문로고타입 이미지


The emblem is a symbolic representation of Hallym University's authority and status. It is used in a variety of methods of expression, and uses computer data made on a CD-ROM as a manuscript when it was created. 

A Type

엠블렘 A 타입 이미지

B Type

엠블렘 B 타입 이미지

C Type

엠블렘 C 타입 이미지
Regulations of Uses of the UI
  • As a design integration guide for all visual communication media of Hallym University, this UI should be used correctly in accordance with the regulations, since any modification of the shape will cause damage to the original image and/or cause confusion of the identity.
  • Designed for the purpose of publicity of Hallym University, UI cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • Inquiries: Public Relations Team(Tel 033-248-1331 / de1330@hallym.ac.kr)