Faculty of Global Integrated Studies


Faculty of Global Integrated Studies

In spring of 2018, Hallym University launches the Faculty of Global Integrated Studies (FGIS) by combining two current academic units – the School of Global Studies and the School of Multidisciplinary Studies so as to consolidate the core competencies of the institution. The Faculty, as a new home to multidisciplinary programs that bring Hallym members and our partners together, sets up its vision to be acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class education and research entity by exploring new frontiers and generating scholarly outcomes. It also aims at making useful and consistent contributions to our society with highest standard of excellence. Through teaching, researching and community service in a variety of fields the Faculty will create, apply and disseminate the knowledge so as to eventually enhance and improve the well-being of our local, national, and global communities.

The Faculty consists of two academic programs: School of Global Studies (SGS, formerly College of International Studies) and School of Multidisciplinary Studies (SMS). The SGS has five major programs such as Global Business, Legal Informatics and Forensic Science, Korean Studies, Korean-Chinese Interpretation and Translation, and Cultural Industry Studies. Ever since its foundation in 2008, the SGS has played a pivotal role in globalization in those disciplines mainly through study abroad, faculty exchange, and joint research activities. The SMS, through Honors Program with talented students, focuses on convergence studies in medical sciences that collaborates medicine, healthcare, behavioral sciences, and information & technology.      

We expect the Faculty to work harmoniously with university colleagues to achieve our mission and strategic goals of Hallym University.

Divisions and Majors

6 Majors in 2 Schools
School of Multidisciplinary Studies
Medical Science Convergence
School of Global Studies
- Global Business, Legal Informatics & Forensic Science
- Korean studies*
- Korean and Chinese Interpretation and Translation**, Culture Industry Management**

* For International students and Hallym students pursuing double majors
** For International students only

Competitiveness program