School of Multidisciplinary Studies

School of Multidisciplinary Studies

The cradle of global leaders who seek intelligence and creativity


Liberal arts
Students get to study logical thinking and writing, Writing & Discussion, Critical Thinking & Argumentation, Honors Seminar Series, coding and programming, data analyses, global leaderships, and manners and sports.
Honors Program
Students create various convergence contents with the Honors Faculty by agonizing about them and develop independent research ability by arranging lectures and discussion. That is, they go through the process to present the results of issues of the humanities, social science, business administration, and technical science fields and learning and studies that the two areas are combined through honors theses.  
Hallym Global Leader Program
In the junior's course, students study in overseas universities for one semester and conduct studies on various issues in the applicable areas. At this moment, students arrange two-way online and debate classes with advisors of this university in real time every week and share the contents together. 

Career after graduation

The students who successfully complete the Honors Program of School of Multidisciplinary Studies enter domestic and overseas excellent graduate schools (Including Law schools, MBA, colleges of pharmacy, etc.) to develop their interdisciplinary fields selected by themselves or engage in Korean companies and the financial world. And they could get opportunities to work in international organizations (UN and non-UN-affiliated organizations, etc.) as well as governmental and private research institutes. They can plan enterprise establishment as the plans to commercialize the results gotten from convergence majors directly.

Other details

School of Multidisciplinary Studies is based on the completion of double majors. In other words, students get to obtain degrees in convergence majors (The degree fields are determined by the academic affairs committee) that they complete through the Honors Program with the majors (Except the College of Medicine) chosen by them when they become sophomores.