School of Multidisciplinary Studies

Major in Medical Science Convergence

Enhancing Expertise in Data·AI based Medical Science Convergence

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the main theme of learning and teaching lies in developing 'global competitiveness' and 'convergence'

The School of Multidisciplinary Studies is a specialized faculty that conducts the Honors Program with the goal of education to cultivate talent in the medical science convergence field. To cultivate creative problem-solving talent required by the new industries, we provide organically converged academic fields and support students with the best scholarship system in Korea.
Technological innovation is a phenomenon that occurs in all areas of our society, and healthcare is one of the fastest developing technologies that introduce new technologies. Since its establishment in 1982, Hallym University has intensively nurtured fields such as medicine, nursing, health science and related humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and now boasts the highest level in Korea.
The growth and expansion of the healthcare sector has led to glowing demand for more professionals, especially those with creative capabilities that combine technology and multidisciplinary knowledge. Accordingly, the Medical Science Convergence Major of the School of Multidisciplinary Studies is making unremitting efforts with the goal to cultivate competent talents who will lead health and medical care in the future society.


Courses in data analytics, computer programming, social sciences, business administration, and science & technology are provided step by step from basic to advanced levels. Additionally, 8 or more intensive English courses and second foreign languages (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.) are offered to encourage student to acquire the highest level of language proficiency. Under the professors’ supervision, students will take independent research track for graduation. Along with Medical Science Convergence Major program, we are leading the Digital Healthcare Major and AI Convergence Major of the Regional Leading University (RLU), a fostering project that aims job creation models for local governments and public institutions.

Medical Science Convergence Major (Honors Program)

2nd Major
Communication Skills
(English, Other foreign language)
Basics in Major Coures
(R, Python)
Data Analytics,
(PBL courses)
for Startup or
Job searching
(Study Abroad)
Any Fields except for
medicine or nursing
Year 4        
Year 3  
Year 2  
Year 1        

Scholarship Opportunity : Honors Students

Most students entering the School of Multidisciplinary Studies will be eligible to receive the benefit of the scholarship. Depending on the grades of admission, the scholarship scheme includes tuition waiver for 8 semesters, grants for research activities, and exemption of on-campus housing fees.

Career Paths after Graduation

The students who successfully complete the Honors Program of School of Multidisciplinary Studies continue to pursue their professional or academic degrees either at preeminent domestic or oversees graduate schools (including law schools, MBA schools, colleges of pharmacy, management of technology, etc.) to develop their interdisciplinary fields or engage in private enterprises in various aspects. And they could get opportunities to work in international organizations (UN- or non-UN-affiliated organizations, etc.) as well as governmental and private research institutes. They can plan startup establishment as the plans to commercialize the results gotten from convergence majors directly.