Media School



Training media specialists with emphasis on hands-on experience

Media School

The faculty, educational environment and curriculum are all designed to provide students with on-the-job training. Students have opportunities to publish newspapers for circulation or create media contents for distribution and consumption. The training gives them a competitive edge in the job market and also leads to greater job satisfaction.

Majors on Offer

• Journalism, Broadcasting & Media Convergence
• Digital Media Contents


Instead of designating specific courses for each year of study, the curriculum comprises three stages throughout which students can plan their individual course of study.

Entry Stage: Comprehension and Application
  - Understanding and acquiring basic knowledge
  - Obtaining MOS / ACA certification

Acquisition Stage: Practical Training
  - Intensifying track-specific learning and training
  - Gaining experience through club activities and study groups

Specialization Stage: Application and Perfection
  - Building up knowledge and experience
  - Completing a specialized portfolio