Journalism, Broadcasting & Media Convergence

Journalism, Broadcasting & Media Convergence

Educational Objectives

To develop writing, speaking and video storytelling skills that are essential for a successful career in media and desired in many others lines of work as well


Print Journalism
- Practical training for on/off-campus publication
- Mandatory internship to build on-the-job experience
- Accumulation of writing, photography and editing samples for a portfolio
Broadcast Journalism
- Practical training in producing materials for on/off-campus broadcasting
- Mandatory internship
- Accumulation of news reporting, filming and editing samples for a portfolio
Production of Broadcast Contents
- Lectures and club activities for participation in video contests
- Mandatory internship
- Accumulation of video storytelling samples for a portfolio
Recommended Double-Major Track : Public Relations
- Double major in public relations for employment with government, corporate and commercial PR agencies
- Mandatory internship
- Addition of public relations theories to news writing skills
Graduate Studies
- Participation in faculty research and social surveys for employment in research institutes, survey companies or the academia
- Participation in overseas exchange programs at partner universities 

Career Prospects

• Print/Broadcast Journalist
• PR professional
• Producer
• Newscaster
• Other occupations requiring speaking and writing skills