Digital Media Contents

Digital Media Contents

Educational Objectives

To foster future leaders in the digital media content industry with extensive knowledge and practice in design, storytelling and user interaction


Game Entertainment Contents
- Emphasis on content development skills across multiple platforms
- Design training for field experience
- Training in research and analysis of industry developments and trends
- Accumulation of hands-on experience through club activities
Digital Video Contents
- Practical training in stages: planning, producing, editing, marketing, etc.
- Expansion of internship opportunities
- Design and development of special effects(VFX) across different platforms
- Video analysis study for the purpose of actual production  
Social Media Contents
- Practical training in design and production
- Work experience through internship
- Hands-on Experience through club activities
- Acquisition of job-related knowledge through special lectures by industry professionals
Graduate Studies
- Intensive theoretical research for content development
- Development of research skills for industry/market surveys and analyses
- Support for overseas study at universities specializing in content development

Career Prospects

• Game design and development
• Digital video editing and digital VFX production
• Content PR and marketing
• Digital book planning and development
• Web content design and production
• Other occupations related to planning, production and PR