School of Nano Convergence Technology



Training professionals with on-the-job experience

School of Nano Convergence Technology

Korea is a world leader in semiconductor and display technology, and the relevant industries form the core of the national economy. To keep up with growing global demand, the industries require a large-scale expansion of industrial technical workforce. The School of Nano Convergence Technology offers interdisciplinary majors in semiconductor and display engineering based on nanotechnology. Graduates of the School will become leaders of advanced technology in the 21st century.

Majors on Offer

• Semiconductor Engineering
• Display Engineering

Training of Multidisciplinary Professionals with Practical Experience

Students acquire a deep understanding of the theories of nanotechnology, semiconductors and displays; plan and design materials, devices and production processes; and develop skills for practical application.

Employment through Industry-Academia Projects

The School of Nano Convergence Technology offers many opportunities for students to gain on-the-job experience through industry-academia cooperation programs, building up a system that will enable immediate employment after graduation.

Curriculum Per Year

1st Year
Basic Sciences, Mathematics
2nd Year
Foundation Courses in Semiconductor/Display Engineering
3rd Year
Intensive Studies by Major
4th Year
Work Experience Courses

Curriculum Details Per Year

 Basic Required Courses
(1st Year)
Basic physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc. to guide students in their selection of majors 
(2nd Year)
Foundation courses in semiconductor and display engineering to prepare students for practical training
Major Courses
(3rd & 4th Years)
Semiconductor engineering Display engineering
Semiconductor process and device simulation Display process and device simulation
Measurement and analysis (electron, surface, spectrum analysis, etc.)
Nanotechnology Flexible
Nano device
Work Experience Courses Capstone design, on-site training
Master’s/Doctor’s degree curriculum, affiliated research centers and research startups to improve expertise

Career Prospects

Employment in Core National Industries
The semiconductor & display sectors are among the twelve core national industries designated by the government, accounting for 67% of the entire industrial technical workforce. Demand for skilled workers will continue to grow, allowing graduates of the School to find employment in the semiconductor and display industries as well as processing/equipment and materials/parts industries.
National/Public Research Institutes or Graduate Schools
Each student has an academic advisor who provides individually-tailored guidance for graduate studies. Additionally, the School assists students in gaining professional certificates that may be necessary for employment at national/public research institutes or government agencies. 
Students can achieve their dream of entrepreneurship, as they are provided with opportunities to meet startup experts and have access to a wealth of information about starting a business.