School of Software



Training software specialists to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution

School of Software

The School provides practical SW curriculum to keep up to date with the 4th Industrial Revolution, training SW specialists who can respond to industry demand and solve problems. Three majors are offered to meet regional industrial demand: Big Data, Contents IT and Smart IoT. Students can choose one or more majors based on individual aptitude and preference. Under the School’s ‘residential SW Community’ program, students receive one-to-one guidance on education and career development. Through various industry-academia cooperation projects, students also gain work experience and become SW specialists ready for employment upon graduation.
■ Global SW skill building through 24-hour SW/foreign language education in dormitories and startup education
■ Overseas training and internship programs including programs on entrepreneurship
■ Open-source courses and practical training
■ Apprenticeship education and combined bachelor’s-master’s degree curriculum to train experts on industry-academia cooperation

Majors on Offer

• Big Data
• Contents IT
• Smart IoT


Basic coding courses and SW major courses; project-based industry-academia cooperation courses; specialized courses for Big Data/Contents IT/Smart IoT majors
1st and 2nd Years
Immersive coding courses to develop coding-based problem-solving skills; basic required courses
Basic Coding Java Programming I & II, C Programming, C++ Programming, Python Programming Applications
Introduction to SW, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Algorithms, Digital Logic Design and Experiment, Computer Architecture, Data Science Basics, Circuit Theory and Practice, Embedded Systems, Data Communications, Understanding Open-Source SW, Open-Source Linux Practice
3rd and 4th Years
Project-based programming courses develop project execution skills; major courses; industry-academia cooperation courses 
Programming Studio, Windows Programming, Web Programming, Mobile Programming
Database, AI, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, System Programming, Programming Language Theory, Compiler Design, SW Engineering, Data Protection Theory,Computer Graphics, Open-Source Tools for SW Development
SW Capstone Design 1,2

Career Prospects

Graduates of the School find work in the IT sector as systems managers, SW developers, data analysts, content creators, smart IoT developers, IT startup founders, etc. In recent years, a growing number of graduates have been joining other major industries as well, including the automobile, home electronic and medical industries. They may also choose to further their studies through the combined bachelor’s-master’s program and become researchers or educators afterwards.
Some of our graduates have found work at conglomerates and other major companies such as Samsung Medison and Daum Kakao. Others are employed by global firms like Intel and Google or teach at universities in Korea or abroad.