Big Data

Big Data


The program specializes in big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence with the goal of training future leaders of computer technology and big data applications. The curriculum is adjusted to reflect any changes in technology and market demand. Students will learn the theories and skills necessary to lead the information age of the 21st century and launch their careers as SW developers upon graduation.


Students learn various techniques to store, manage and process big data efficiently and effectively. They also study SW algorithms for data analysis based on AI/machine data learning and inference. 
Cloud Computing, Big Data Practice
Cloud computing concepts and technology; data gathering and monitoring; data search, classification and analysis
Parallel Programming, Distributed Programming
Data structures and applications of parallel and distributed processing
Data Visualization
Visualization techniques for effective data analysis 
Natural Language Processing, Text Information Processing
Natural language processing such as speech tagging, parsing, semantic analysis and machine translation; text information processing theories and technology
Machine Learning, Data Mining
Concepts, technology and applications of machine learning and data mining
Advanced Database
Advanced technology such as parallel control and distributed database to handle big data in cloud computing environment

Career Prospects

With specialized training in programming and information processing, graduates will be able to work as professional programmers and SW developers at IT companies. Big data and AI are the hottest topics in technology these days and continue to generate new opportunities for startups and jobs. They can also become researchers after furthering their studies in graduate school, as there is active research on big data and AI at many universities.
• Professional programmer
• AI & machine learning specialist
• IT specialist at public/private institutes
• Big data / cloud computing expert
• Medical data analyst