Contents IT

Contents IT


The program aims to produce IT specialists with professional SW-developing skills for the high-tech content industry. In response to recent industry trends, the program is divided into two tracks: VR/AR (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) and Game Development. Students are assisted in planning their career paths and designing their curriculum accordingly.


Required for Contents IT Major
Practical training on SW and game production in “VR/AR theory”; study of basic theories in “Computer Graphics”
VR/AR Track
“VR/AR/Game Production Basics” for virtual reality/augmented reality/game implementation; “VR Programming” and “AR Programming” for production skills; “Haptic Interaction” for VR/AR input & output devices, “HCI(Human Computer Interaction)” for ergonomic principles and applications to develop systems with easy and effective user interface
Game Developer Track
“PC Game Programming” and “Mobile Game Programming” for game production skills using various platforms; “Game AI” for game-related AI technology such as pathfinding and NPC(non-player character) control; “Game Sensor Programming” for practical training in game production using mobile and VR device sensors; “GPU Programming” for GPU technology to produce high-performance/high-quality 3D games

Career Prospects

VR/AR Track
• VFX/Animation producer
• VR/AR-based education SW developer
• VR/AR-based medical rehabilitation SW developer
• UI/UX developer & designer
Game Developer Track
• Game developer
• Game designer
• Game QA specialist
• Smart device app developer