Smart IoT

Smart IoT


Students learn the principles and techniques behind the planning, deployment and implementation of IoT(Internet of Things). These include information-gathering sensor technology and signal processing technology; IoT communications networks; data analysis techniques for analyzing and assessing the information gathered; AI-related technology; and block chain security technology. The program is designed to foster IoT specialists with basic engineering skills to create an IoT environment. 


Digital Signal Processing, IoT Networks
Processing of data(digital signals) collected by IoT sensors; wireless network standards related to IoT
Embedded Systems, Real-Time Operating Systems
Embedded system structures and technology; embedded real-time OS overview
Deep Learning and Video Recognition
Video recognition techniques using deep learning
Smart Home, Smart Factory
Concept and design/implementation of smart homes and smart factories
IoT & Block Chain, Wearable Technology & IoT
Block chain techniques to resolve structural and security problems of IoT systems; SW, structure, UX design and communication network of wearable devices
Open-Source HW Design
Project-based learning for IoT-related problem-solving skills using open-source HW such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Career Prospects

• Smart home appliance manufacturers
• Smart home device manufacturers and service providers, communication companies
• Smart factory-related companies
• IoT device & service companies
• IoT-based service marketing companies
• IoT security companies
• Block chain specialists
• National/Public research institutes
• Venture startups