Convergence Program of Northeast Asian Studies

Convergence Program of Northeast Asian Studies


There is a growing need for cooperation in Northeast Asia and a corresponding demand for manpower with a multidisciplinary understanding and demonstrated knowledge of regional issues. This Convergence Program is based on interdisciplinary research across politics, economics, sociology, cultural studies and history concerning Northeast Asian countries including China, Japan, Russia, as well as South and North Korea. Students also learn about Northeast Asia-US relations and Northeast-Southeast Asia relations to promote peace and prosperity in the region. The program aims to educate regional specialists with sufficient knowledge and experience about Northeast Asian relations, politics, society, economy, environment and development.


East Asian Cooperation Track
  • Understanding Northeast Asian Geopolitics and Political Economy
  • Becoming an East Asian Citizen / Building East Asia
  • East Asia from the Perspective of Power/Interest/Identity
  • East Asian War and Peace, Making Good Neighbors
  • East Asian Economic Growth and Development Cooperation
  • East Asia from the Perspective of Governance
  • East Asia from the Perspective of Government Corruption and Democracy
East Asian Cultural Network Track
  • Northeast Asia Cultural Travel
  • Reading the Future from East Asian Classics
  • Historical Conflict in Northeast Asia
  • Understanding Northeast Asian Confucian Culture
  • East Asian War and Peace after 1945
  • Global Vision and the Path of China
  • The Joys of Travelling in China
  • Regional Revival Project: Japanese Local Cultural Contents
  • Region First
  • apanese Business Situation
  • Japanese Business Situation
  • Divergent Cultural Communication between Korea and Japan
  • Japanese Culture By Theme
  • Modern Japan
  • Engaging the West
  • The Map-Changing History of Russia: Expansion, Subjugation and Segmentation
  • Reading Korean History from Russian History: History Across Borders
  • Russian Cultural Travel through Humanities
  • The Journey of Russian Cities: Birth, Growth and Extinction
East Asia Korean Wave/Koreans Studies Track
  • Korean Wave and East Asian culture
  • Korean wave and Korean language
  • Issues in Korean Society through Literature and Culture
  • The Modernity of Korean Society and Literature
  • Issues and Outlook of Korean Society
  • Korean Culture and Korea Travel
  • History of Communication : People of Joseon Meet the World

Career Prospects

Northeast Asia regional specialist
Journalist specializing in Northeast Asia, KOICA ODA specialist, EDCF credit assistance specialist
International development cooperation specialist
International organizations, international NGOs, the Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA), the Export-Import Bank of Korea, corporate CSR departments 
International cultural content specialist
News/Publishing/Broadcast organizations, Sejong Institute, overseas Korean cultural centers, entertainment companies leading the Korean wave
International education specialist in Korean Studies
Overseas education specialist for the Korea International Cooperation Agency, overseas Korean studies professor for the Korea Foundation, Sejong Institute, overseas Korean cultural centers