Program of Material Science for Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Program of Material Science for Medicine and Pharmaceutics


This program is aimed at educating multidisciplinary professionals for the new drug industry, specializing in natural substances, composite materials and biopolymer-based biomaterials. It offers an integrated curriculum that combines knowledge and skills. It prepares students for graduate studies in new drug R&D, while giving them field experience on biomedical materials production, quality control, facilities control, licensing, marketing, and preclinical & toxicity experiment control.


1st Semester
Level 2: New Medical Materials / Medical Botany / Introduction to Natural Substances / Introduction to Pharmacology

Level 3: Microbiome and Disease / Disease Genomics / Biosignal Transmission System / Toxicity Studies and Pharmcokinetics

Level 4: GCP(GoodClinical Practice) & CRA(Clinical Research Associate) / Capstone Design / GMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
2nd Semester
Level 2: In Vivo Metabolism and Metabolic Disease / Therapeutic Biopolymers / Introduction to Medical Chemistry / Enteric Microbiology

Level 3: New Medical Materials Synthesis / New Medical Material Drug Delivery System / Bioactivity Assessment of New Materials / Separation of Natural Substances and Structure Crystallography

Level 4: Theory of medical development and planning / Pharmaceutical Licensing / Practical Field Training

Career Prospects

Industry-Academia Cooperation Fieldwork
Sales approval (licensing and patenting), production (manufacturing, facilities & GMP control), sales (technology commercialization, side effect monitoring, sales), pharmaceuticals consultant or marketing specialist
International Development & Cooperation Specialist
Research and development during/after graduate studies in medicine or life science (R&D planning, candidate substance research, nonclinical & clinical tests)
Employment Possibilities
Pharmaceutical companies, bio firms, cosmetics firms, food companies, national/public research centers, pharmaceutical consulting firms, national/public institutes related to pharmaceutical patents and licenses, clinical & nonclinical service companies, pharmaceutical distribution and marketing companies, venture startups, etc.