Major in Materials Science and Engineering

Major in Materials Science and Engineering


Materials science and engineering is not only an independent field of study dedicated to the research and development of core industrial materials for the 21st century, but also a convergent program with bio/medical science, combining science and technology to produce concrete results. The program is aimed at educating specialists in the field of next-generation medical equipment.
The curriculum provides an in-depth look at the fundamental theories of materials science, while incorporating various experiments with biomedical engineering, materials and devices, and production processes. Based on their knowledge of basic science, engineering and advanced technology, graduates of the program will become global leaders in the core industries of the future including biotechnology and the 4th Industrial Revolution.


1st Year Basic Sciences and Liberal Arts

•Physics & Experiments •General Chemistry & Experiments •General Biology & Experiments •General Math & Exercises •Academic English

2nd Year Major Basics •Introduction to Materials Science I •Understanding Material Thermodynamics I •Materials Organic Chemistry •Introduction to Materials Science II •Understanding Material Thermodynamics II •Polymer Materials
3rd Year Major Intensive (Creative Plan) •New Materials Experiment •Nano New Materials •Chemical Reaction Engineering •Introduction to Neuroscience •Regenerative Medical Engineering •Bio Materials •Separation Engineering •Capstone Design
4th Year Major Intensive
(Industry Internship)
•Introduction to Bioengineering •Micro-Nano Systems •Introduction to Biomedical Engineering •Special Lectures on New Materials •Nano-Bio Devices •Field Training •Degree Thesis


Capacity Building Track

Separate from the required credits for major, there is a capacity building track. Students who complete the track are accredited upon graduation.
• Employment-Linked New Materials Industry Track
• Graduate School-Linked Medical Engineering R&D Track

Career Prospects

Graduates have the possibility of joining future growth industries such as bio and medical service industries. They can also find opportunities in core national industries related to semiconductors, displays, processing and equipment, materials and parts, and automobiles. Other career paths include employment with national/public research institutes or governmental organizations. They can also realize their dream of entrepreneurship by opening venture startups.
• Automobiles
• Medical equipment
• Processing / Equipment
• Semiconductors
• Government-funded labs
• Bio
• Displays
• Materials