Division of Nursing

Division of Nursing

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About the department

Educational purposes of the Nursing Department are to foster clinical nurse, nursing researchers, nursing educators, and nursing administrators to keep and enhance human physical condition to be optimal levels, help prevention of diseases and recovery of health. The nursing students who graduate from this school will be expected be the nursing leaders with the international competitiveness, humanity, and creative intelligence that can make a contribution to improve human health in Korea and other countries.

Educational objectives

Education Philosophy of Hallym University

FosteringSince its foundation in 1982, Hallym University has been based on the ‘humanitarianism,’ the educational philosophy of the Republic of Korea. To achieve this goal, Hallym University aims to contribute to ‘individual growth, social development, national prosperity and human happiness’ by ‘fostering talented people with abundant humanity and creative intelligence, and promoting academic and cultural promotion'.

Educational objectives of Nursing department, Hallym University

Foster professional nurses with humanity to establish therapeutic relationship with clients and facilitate well-being of clients through scientific and professional nursing care based on life-respect.

Educational goals and objectives of nursing department

  • 1.Provide comprehensive nursing care for patients by understanding them holistically.
  • 2.Think critically to solve nursing problems.
  • 3.Establish professional perspectives based on nursing ethics and autonomy.
  • 4.Communicate with clients and personals effectively.
  • 5.Exert leadership in health care setting.
  • 6.Acquire nursing skill based on scientific nursing knowledge.

Change of health care environment

  • 1.Change to the health promotion and prevention-focused
  • 2.Strengthening of the community and primary care service delivery system.
  • 3.Globalization of healthcare service

Demand of community

  • 1.Demand of remote health care services due to limited medical resources
  • 2.Promotion of health equity according to the increase of medical imbalance and the medical vulnerable group
  • 3.Construction of community resource network and infra

Core competencies

  • 1.Integrate a variety of knowledge and skills to provide holistic nursing care
  • 2.Communicate and cooperate with interdisciplinary teams to improve clients' health condition
  • 3.Critical thinking to solve nursing problems
  • 4.Recognize legal and ethical responsibilities for nursing professional development
  • 5.Develop nursing leadership to accomplish nursing goals
  • 6.Conduct nursing research for scientific knowledge
  • 7.Respond to changes in global health policies

Prospects and career

Students can get jobs in the field of hospital as a clinical nurse, maternity nurse, anesthetic nurse and school nurses of elementary, middle, and high school also they can work at the industry as occupational health nurses who are responsible for public health. In addition, and they can be active as national administrative public officials who participate in policies and administration and enter all kinds of graduate school related to health. After graduation, they can play a role of professional nurses in the fields of home care, geriatric nursing, hospices, industrial nursing, infection control, anesthetic nursing, public health nursing, insurance screening, emergency nursing, critical care nursing, and psychiatric and mental care nursing.