Dept. of English Language & Literature

Dept. of English Language & Literature

Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature at Hallym University. Our department is dedicated to promoting knowledge of the English language and culture, English literature, and English linguistics.

About Us

The academic field to understand the cultural tradition and characteristics of the English-speaking countries.
The Department of English Language and Literature offers students the opportunity to study British and American literature and English linguistics through which they can hone their critical thinking skills and expand their understanding of the English language and culture. In addition to enhancing students’ academic knowledge of English literature and linguistics, our department is invested in equipping students with practical knowledge and skills useful for their future careers.
Our department has been working on strengthening our students’ English skills by offering more courses specifically designed to help them with their language skills. Our department has also provided students with an opportunity to study English in a language program at an American University for several months and use the credit hours they have earned there to fulfill the requirements for graduation from Hallym University.

Educational Objectives

Our department provides students with the opportunity to pursue coursework and study across a wide range of English literature, linguistics, and language so that their intellectual and cultural horizons can be broadened through an encounter with the value system of different countries and cultures. By studying various ways of understanding and adopting values of different culture, students can gain an insight into how to contribute to their own culture and literature. At the same time, our department helps students grow in their capacity to adapt to a changing society as well as the globalization process by offering a wide array of curricular and extracurricular opportunities to increase their English language skills.

Career Prospects and Professional Opportunities

The globalization process has greatly increased the importance of English proficiency skills in all areas of society, and professional opportunities for English majors run the gamut of careers from teacher, diplomat, journalist, travel agent, advertisement agent, corporate worker, translator, interpreter to government worker.
Double Majors
English majors can strengthen their potential and abilities for their future careers by double majoring in other fields of studies.