Dept. of Russian Studies

Dept. of Russian Studies

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The Department of Russian Studies is the only department related to Russia in Gangwon-do. Its educational objective is to foster local knowledge convergent talented persons with the Russian ability The point that Russia plays an important role of the Korean industrial development as the country with the largest territory in the world and vast amounts of natural resources is a matter of common knowledge. Especially, economic cooperation between Korea and Russia has completely entered the new step as the conditions of the times called the rise of the economic bloc of Northeast Asia and the East Sea Rim have changed (The Korean government's promotion of Eurasian initiative policies, Gangwondo's new northward policies, the growth of the medical tourism industry related to Russia, the re-emergence to connect trans-Siberian railway to gas pipes, and the effectivation of the no-visa agreement between Korea and Russia). For this reason, the reality is the rapid increase of manpower demand related to Russia. The first goal of the department is to foster practical Russian experts prepared to keep up with the changing times.

For this, the department has concentrated to foster talented persons of medical tourism interpretation and translation and coordinators through 'the great-sphere economic block leading industry, the talented person development project' supported by the Ministry of Education (The the Medical Tour Human Resources Development Project: 2009 to 2012). It has produced the Northeast Asian talented persons who encompasses China and Japan focusing on Russia by using the educational expenses of 0.1 billion won supported every year as it was selected as 'CK, University for Creative Korea' (Northeast Asian Integrative Talented Person Development Project: 2014 to 2019). In addition, as it was designated as '11 universities that teach well' sponsored by the Ministry of Education in the entire universities, new students have waited for scholarships and educational cost support.

Educational objectives

Russia can be the very important country in the political, security, and economic aspects to us because it has huge potential, vast amounts of natural resources and due to Korean geopolitical situation. Therefore, right understanding of Russia is essential in choosing several political and economic polities. And this can be done through holistic approaches of human sciences including languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, and thought and social sciences including politics, economy, and society.

The objectives of the Department of Russian studies of Hallym University are to conduct the education of Russia at large, broaden and deepen our understanding of it, and foster intellectuals who have expert knowledge in the relevant fields by escaping from language and literature-centered lectures carried out in the existing Department of Russian Language and Literature and Russian Language and opening lectures of regional studies of the various fields including literature, history, philosophy, thought, culture, folk, politics, and economy based on learning Russian language.

Prospects and career

There are wide opportunities of getting jobs because the students who graduate from the Department of Russian Studies have the ability to speak a unusual foreign language. The agencies financed by the government, research institutes, and overseas broadcasting sectors as well as Korean and overseas big companies and small and middle-sized businesses need the students who graduate from the Department of Russian Studies. And they have plenty of opportunities to work in diplomats and specific civil servants through the Interpreter and Foreign Service Examination. And there are a method that students continue to learn Russian Studies by studying it in Korean graduate schools, Russia, and Euramerican areas if they try to be specialized experts or want academic approaches.
Literature and Linguistics
Language acquisition should precede all other things. Students can freely have a good command of Russian by arranging grammar lectures by level, conversation lectures by a Russian, Russian literature exposition by stages. At the same time, the department is giving Russian literature lectures to make students approach Russians' various lifestyles, views of the world, cultures, and thought and facilitate concrete understanding about Russia.
Social sciences
To be successful Russian experts, overall and wide knowledge about Russia is required based on Russian language acquisition. The department first gives students Russian history lectures to meet this requirement, review political, economic, and social problems that become hot issues in Russia now based on historical awareness and perspectives and the Russian meaning in the international political and economic stages and sphere of the direct influence of Russia on the Korean Peninsula.
Employment and career fields
-Medical tourism interpreters and translators, Medical tourism coordinators
-Specialists in foreign languages of the National Police Agency, the National Intelligence Service, and the Korea Coast Guard (KCG)
-Special employment of foreign languages in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 
-Big companies related to Russia
-Employment in overseas trade and Russia
-The service industry related to flights and travel
-Entering interpretation and translation graduate schools and general graduate schools.