College of Social Sciences


Building the dream of a ‘glocal’ university

College of Social Sciences

In the 21st century, various values coexist since new reason based on new technologies and knowledge is confronted with emotion that human beings have had. Therefore, independent judgment seems to be truly required. The College of Social Sciences aims to educate students to have a critical thinking framework that leads them to creative and independent lives by understanding these social changes broadly.

Departments and majors

Psychology, Sociology, Politics & Public Administration, Social Welfare (Social Welfare, Social Welfare (Gerontology)), Advertising & Public Relations, Law

Competitiveness program

Interdisciplinary major courses that transcend single-domain of study
경쟁력 프로그램 - 협동전공과정
Majors Departments
Youth Studies Interdisciplinary Major Psychology, Sociology, Social Welfare
Multidisciplinary programs that encompass a diversity of majors
경쟁력 프로그램 - 융복합프로그램
Majors Departments
Contents Creation of Basic Humanities Studies Sociology, Politics & Public Administration, Media School, College of Humanities

Major activities

Government funded researches
주요활동 - 국고지원 주요연구
Department Professor in charge Research theme Supporting Organization
Psychology Juil Rie Life quality and happiness National Research Foundation of Korea
Yeonwook Kang Assessment technology of cognitive
ability in the elderly
Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Exchange student programs
주요활동 - 교환학생 프로그램
Country University Applying department
Japan Rissho University Psychology
Japan Tohoku Fukushi University Social Welfare