School of Media and Communication

School of Media and Communication

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the School

The School of Media and Communication aims to prepare students to work in the various fields of media and communication industries and organizations. The global society in the twentieth century is undergoing a fast social and cultural transformation due mainly to the remarkable changes of the information and communications technologies. To meet with the changes, we cover extensive area of study in two programs: The first is the major in Journalism, Broadcast and Convergence Media, and the second major is Digital Media Contents. Both majors develop distinctive characteristics based on common courses at the basic level. While the JBCM focuses more on the traditional media and their digital transformations, the DMC is looking at new boundaries of digital creative such as animation, game, digital publishing, etc.
Media and communication education always confront with the tough demands of theoretical education and practical training. Balancing the two requires sincere investment of resources and commitment of faculty. At Hallym, we provide full scale studios and equipment for production skill developments as well as systematic readings by top notch faculty members.

Educational objectives

"We raise professionals, not interns."

Prospects and career

Many graduates of the School have found jobs in media industries including newspapers, broadcast stations, magazines, PR and advertising. Others looked for different opportunities which are indirectly related to the media and communication in corporations and other organizations. Moving toward post graduate education is also a pathway for further development.