Dept. of Advertising and Public Relations

Dept. of Advertising and Public Relations

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

Excellent programs and advanced models of major education
Advertising and PR education program that students can obtain the only international official advertiser licence in Korean universities
The Department of Advertising and Public Relations was first certified by the International Advertising Association in Korea in 2008 as the IAA-Accredited Institution.

IAA certification has been granted to only 57 institutions in the world including major universities of the advertising and PR fields such as Michigan State University, University of Florida. The fact that the Department of Advertising and Public Relations obtained the IAA certification means that its educational programs receive recognition as the program to meet the international standards.
The best program of the advertising and PR fields and advanced model of major education in the whole universities evaluated by the Korean Council for University Education
The advertising and PR educational program of Hallym University won the best award in the evaluation of mass communication and advertising and PR field conducted by the Korean Council for University Education on February 2005. And it was introduced in the Advanced Symposium of the Major Educational Course by the Advancement of College Education Project(ACE) Selection on January 2013 as an example of the advanced model of major education.  It has built the Career Exploration Plan system that students can set their career goals and take major subjects suitable for them and given contact-type career guidance by utilizing it. The Department of Advertising and Public Relations defined smart advertising and PR as the next characterization area as the information and communications technology has developed and consumers' media environments have rapidly changed. And it established the basic plan and reorganized the curriculums accordingly. 
The excellent faculty with practical experiences in the advertising and PR industries and best experiment and practice facilities
The Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Hallym University closely understood the markets' demands and has strived to foster customized talented persons of advertising and PR by composing the excellent faculty with practical and research capabilities despite of its short history. And it has the excellent educational facilities when compared to other universities in the whole country by building the best facilities for practice from the initial stage of the establishment.

The Neurion Laboratory established in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations by upgrading the practice facilities for students and building new devices and CF studio filming sites has tried to combine brain science with the measurement of advertising effects by preparing high-tech devices such as Eye-tracker, EEG to measure brainwaves.
Competitiveness proved by students and graduates and solidarity with the industry
It won the silver prize of 'Young Lions', the Can international advertising festival (First in Korean universities and second in Asia). And it won the students' competitiveness sector of InterAdd in the New York Festival, Clio Awards, Add Stars, and IAA. And it has been excellently active in domestic and overseas contests. Students' excellent activities have provided opportunities of motivation by posting the winners' names on the ‘Wall of Honor' installed in the university. As the graduates have kept the community that superiors and juniors express their feelings through meetings every year, students can receive much help even after graduation.

Educational Objectives

Prospects and career

If students obtain certain credits of the regular subjects when they graduate from the department, they receive IAA Diploma, the only license of the international advertising association in Korean university. And they have actively entered advertising agencies, PR agencies, marketing, advertising, or PR departments of businesses, or investigation fields.