Dept. of Law

Dept. of Law

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

Hearty welcome to the Department of Law, Hallym University!

The Department of Law, Hallym University has internally and externally come into brilliant development starting from the Faculty of Law in 1988. Now,
9 full-time professors and 2 adjunct professors with various practical experiences, excellent results, and academic experiences are responsible for education in the faculty.

Graduates from the Department of Law, Hallym University have received their excellent ability by entering the public office fields of administrative jobs, court officers, and polices and the various fields of financial, industrial, and academic worlds as well as the legal circles in spite of its short history of
28 years.

In the future, the Department of Law, Hallym University will make efforts to produce more able talented persons who can make a contribution to our social evolution by having legal knowledge and the administrative executive ability based on rich humanity and creativity. For this, all the professors passionately guide students and the department operates the specialized course and prepares various scholarship systems to be ready for all kinds of public office examinations.

We hop that all of you will be interested in and support the Department of Law for its continuous development.

Educational objectives

Science of law aims at making students learn laws' sublime ideology and advanced professional knowledge about various law fields and fostering the talented persons who will lead this age in the legal and public office sectors including excellent judges, jurists, and men of legal practical business who will make a contribution to increase in constitutionalism and protection of human rights

Major in science of law in the Department of Law, Hallym University develops the problem-solving and executive ability related to laws through systematic and various types of legal education and tries to foster and produce similar legal experts and able democratic public officials necessary for each field of social life 

Prospects and career

The students who major in science of law can enter very various fields of the financial world, private companies, the academic world, and the research world as well as the legal and public office sectors.

A considerable number of students who graduated from the Department of Law, Hallym University have entered the public office sectors of central and local civil servants, court officials, prosecution civil servants, judicial police officials through civil service examinations. In addition, they have actively entered various areas related to science of law even in the private fields including the financial and industrial worlds.

The Department of Law, Hallym University have separately installed and operated 'Hallymheon', the examination class for the students who prepare all kinds of public office examinations and provided all kinds of examination information and data with individual learning space.