Dept. of Economics

Dept. of Economics

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

Economics is Korean economic problems.
This study is helpful for making students understand the world that we live objectively. 

Economics is the fields that students handle problems of everyday that people meet every day and is helpful for understanding the world that we live objectively. It is considered the highly scientific and systematic academic field in the educational world because it handles everyday problems and at the same time, has the closest research method. Especially, Today's economic problems are recognized as the most important thing in every country. It's because all political and social problems are deeply connected with economy. Therefore, economics' importance has gradually been magnified. Economics' educational objectives are to learn theories related to Korean economic problems and develop the ability to be able to apply them to the reality and furthermore develop knowledge and intelligence to make students judge in-depth theories and policies and general economic activities reasonably. The Department of Economics can be applied to many situations in our life wisely. We do not know if graduates from the Department of Economics will read newspapers, run businesses, or sit in the presidential office. You will think that it would be good to study Economics. We hope that professors, graduate students, undergraduates, and visitors give us a lot of advice. Thank you.

Prospects and career

The present condition of general career of the students who graduate from the Department of Economics, Hallym University is to enter financial institutions including banks, investment trust companies, and securities companies and Korean excellent manufacturers. And they have been active as civil servants and professionals by passing qualifying examinations including all kinds of national examinations, CPA, certified public appraisers, and tax accountants. When you will graduate from this department of Economics, you will largely be active in three fields. 

-University professors, researchers in domestic and overseas research institutes, and practicians in international agencies 
-Economic/general administrative civil servants, international commerce expert, Executive members and staffs in the central bank/special banks and public enterprises
-Executive members and staffs in companies, practicians in financial institutions, industry analysts, investment analysts, consulting company experts, negotiation experts
Choosing majors according to career plans
-Financial specialists
Entry type: Financial institutions, banks and securities companies, general companies, theory of monetary finance, theory of international finance, and theory of Korean economy, (Other majors: Theory of financial affairs I, II, Business finance, Theory of financial institutions)
-Corporate economy and management professionals
Entry type: General private enterprises, public enterprises
Game theory and application, industrial economics, labor economics, public finance, economics of public finance, environmental economics, theory of Korean economy, economic history, public economics, and others (Other majors: Accounting principles, theory of marketing, and internet business)
-Economic theory and expert of institutional systems
Entry type: Institutes related to research including graduate schools, research institutes, general companies
International trade theory, health economics, law and economics, environmental economics, econometrics, and others