Dept. of Business Administration

Dept. of Business Administration

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The Department of Business Administration, Hallym University has had the 30-year-old tradition since it was established in 1984. As it was expanded to the Division of Business Administration in 2007, it was divided into the major of Business Administration and the major of Healthcare Management. In 2010, it extended contests educations that meet students' aptitude and career vision by adding the major of Convention & Tourism Management in it. And since 2016, it has taught students by combining Business Administration, Healthcare Management, and Convention & Tourism Management under the Department of Business Administration to meet social needs that emphasize interdisciplinary convergence.

Educational objectives

The Department of Business Administration combined by interdisciplinary convergence study has sought educational objectives by fostering talented persons having humanistic perspective with business planning capability by connecting 7 tracks of business & data science, global management, marketing planning, accounting/tax, healthcare management, and tourism management to each other starting with the service foundation track. Here, humanistic perspective means fostering managers who will lead the 5.0 age of capitalism that values the dignity of men and seeks win-win philosophy between the value of company and value of society by overcoming classic business administration education that takes only competition into account. The education program of Department of Business Administration, Hallym University has sought the alignment with the student vision of university seeking Symbious talent emphasizing communication skill, win-win orientations and convergence ability by recreating new education domains for business administration and by recovering the dignity of human beyond competitive supremacy.
The direction of education sought by the Department of Business Administration, Hallym University is to develop the basic skills for business planning based on various business educations and to foster talented persons who specialize in service industries based on the capability of department accumulated in the wellness service fields including medical management and tourism management. As for the students who dream of CEOs, students who hope for companies' employments and students who want self-employment, our department will be right choice for them because our education programs aim at both fostering the ability of business planning and understanding of the wellness industries.

Prospects and career

Graduates who received interdisciplinary education required for society can easily work in service companies such as banks, department stores, insurance companies, and trading companies as well as general manufacturers and display their ability even in the governmental office for economic and industrial affairs and in research institutes for studying corporate management problems.
Recently, as our society is changing into an 'aging society' and has gradually been interested in the quality of life, it is expected that the opportunities to get jobs will be expanded even in the wellness service fields such as acute-care and long-term care hospitals, nursing homes, medical equipment companies, tourist facilities, resorts, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies. And we can tell you that students are advantageous for entering professional fields such as certified public accountants, tax accountants, etc.