Dept. of Finance

Dept. of Finance

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The Department of Finance considers business and individuals' financial and investment activities and financial institutions' financial activities as the major targets of education and studies. Most of the domestic universities treat finance as one field of business administration. But Hallym University focuses on the importance of finance in modern capitalism economy by operating an independent department in College of Business Administration. 
In the 21st century, Korean companies have changed their management styles to new management system based on profitability escaping from size-centered poor management in the past high-speed growth process. Moreover, the necessity of self-regulating and efficient management by financial institutions is emphasized to support businesses. Accordingly, the demands for majors in finance in the entire national economy tend to increase rapidly. So the Department of Financial Science focuses on education of financial managers and specialists of businesses by meeting these social and economic needs. 

Educational objectives

-Fosters talented persons who can make right decisions about finance in the changing environment by learning theories, practice, and expertise of rapidly developing financial science and develop the ability to analyze it.
-Fosters business men with the adventurous attitude and creative mind.
-Fosters financial managers who can understand and fulfill social responsibility of businesses as well as seek economic profits.
-Fosters managers who think global. 

Prospects and career

-The increasing demand for financial managers who will make a contribution to the corporate growth for national per capita income of USD30,000. 
-The increasing demand for financial planners who will handle our society that is aging faster than any other country in the world. 
-The increasing demand for professional financial human resources necessary for fostering and promoting the government's financial center.
-The increasing demand for financial knowhow and knowledge in the pan-social aspect.
Graduates from the Department of Finance can build their career by entering departments related to funds, sales, and finance, the core fields of general companies as well as financial institutions such as banks, insurance, financial investment companies, etc. And they can enter graduate schools or grow and develop as experts by entering financial and economic departments of central and local public offices. In addition, obtaining various professional licenses of the financial field will be very helpful for getting jobs after graduation or managing their careers.