Dept. of Chemistry

Dept. of Chemistry

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About the department

Chemistry is a molecular science that studies the structure and properties of materials. Chemistry allows us to create new materials through the transformation of molecules by various research processes. Chemistry is a foundation to understand and develop methods and techniques that apply to various fields contributing to the human welfare such as medical and pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural science, new materials, and energy. Researchers with a solid knowledge of chemistry are required in almost every applied sciences and technology fields.
Applied methods and techniques developed by the studies in chemistry have a far-reaching influence on the ever-expanding basic research fields such as electronics industry, biotechnology, and medicine. Moreover, it also contributes a great deal of knowledge, methods, and techniques to the environmental science, which is related to the pollution.
The students in Department of Chemistry are not only confined to chemistry. They also try to develop knowledge and cultivate qualities that can be used in the wide range of fields that use chemistry as a base.
  • Bioorganic Chemistry Lab: Design, synthesis, study of activity and mechanism of action of pharmacologically active compounds and their derivatives
  • Inorganic Materials Laboratory: Synthesis and application of nanomaterials, synthesis, and study of applications of organometallic compounds and silicon compounds
  • Polymer Chemistry Laboratory: Studies on the sol-gel transition of water-soluble polymers based on scaling theory
  • Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory: Study on nuclear reaction, nucleus structure, and surface science
  • Organic Synthesis Laboratory: Studies on the reactivity of heterocyclic compounds and synthesis of natural products
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory: Studies on the molecular devices, electrochemistry, surface analysis chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory: Studies on the biosensor, molecular diagnostics, atomic force microscope, organic ultra-thin film

Educational Objective

The education of chemistry students is not limited to chemistry, but they also study and develop knowledge in the various fields. Thereby students obtain the qualities of the high scientific stature that allows them to implement their talents in various and new fields that will be developed in the future.

Prospects and Career

Many students who have graduated from our department have become professors or researchers in Korea and in foreign countries. Except these achievements, our students have achieved high positions in industries and institutes related to fields such as in health-care centers, hospitals, general trading companies, chemical factories, pharmaceuticals, and heavy chemical sector etc.