Dept. of Food Science & Nutrition

Dept. of Food Science & Nutrition

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About the department

Food and nutrition is the practical learning that link food science which handles the method to store, process, and manufacture food properly by understanding physicochemical properties of raw materials of food to nutrition which treats physiological action about digestion, absorption, and use in human bodies after food intake. 
Therefore, the purposes of the major in food and nutrition are to learn theories and experiments about food and nutrition that are the most fundamental food and nutrition for human survival and the preservation of health, develop the ability to be able to apply them to our food life, make a contribution to improve physical standard of nation and maintain healthy life at individual, home, social, and national levels, and foster experts about communal feeding, sanitary control of food, and its manufacture and processing.  

Educational objectives

It makes a contribution to improve national health and maintain healthy life by learning academic theories and experiments about food and nutrition and foster experts about nutritionists (Communal feeding), nutrition teachers, sanitary control of food, and its manufacture and processing

Prospects and career

First, students get jobs as nutritionists. The places that provide communal feeding including companies, hospitals, schools compulsorily employ nutritionists and make them responsible for its management. Meanwhile, it reflects examination subjects for 5th, 7th, and 9th food hygiene civil servants to be advantageous for preparing them as they were newly established in their employment fields in 1994. And the students who continue the study or will enter government-funded research institutes or research institutes of companies related to food can go to graduate school. Professors guide students in graduate school life in Korea and other countries by making them participate in their research activities and have research experiences and experiment ability in university.