Dept. of Physical Education

Dept. of Physical Education

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About the Department

Educational objectives of Dept. of Physical Education are : (1) to develop the convergent characterization-oriented curriculum in major for preparing healthy society of longevity of a hundred years, (2) to build the industry and university infused system that led to the mutual growth with local society, and (3) to foster professional human resources in sports health care with creative intelligence and rich characters by building convergent systems for industrial and academic cooperation employment.
To achieve these educational objectives,
Dept. of Physical Education was first established the in 1984 and has made great efforts to foster professional human resources required for society. As a result, the students who graduated from the department have been working active in the various areas as university professors, researchers, secondary school teachers, public officials, administrative positions and managers of sports related organizations, sports center leaders, and many professionals in sports businesses. Also, the alumni of Dept. of Physical Education have showed higher employment rate in Hallym University. 
Dept. of Physical Education has great faculty members, curriculums, the latest experimental equipment and materials, and wonderful sports facilities&equipment in Korea. Thus, we have operated the systematic, differentiated, and customized educational programs that are customized for everyone to promote students' opportunities for their futures.

Educational objectives

Vision of Dept. of Physical Education is to foster customized human resources with creativities and excellent characters in sports-health care industry and movement science area to prepare the age of longevity of a hundred years. For achieving those goals, we have developed the characterization-oriented education program by providing curriculums by 3 tracks : sports instructors, healthcare-exercise professionals, and general physical education experts.

First, we develop general theories of physical education and sports skills to forster customized sport-health care experts. 
Second, we develop the professional ability that can apply to high-tech knowledge and technologies for enhancement of physical activities.
Third, we foster customized sport-health care experts and professionals with creative intelligence and rich characters.

Prospects and career

For students' concrete careers in Physical Education and Sport Industry, we have provided excellent programs and the alumni have shown the strong capabilities by entering the various fields as health exercise managers, sports instructors of professional in physical education and sports for all, special physical education leaders, athlete trainers, professors and teachers, public officials, group administrative positions and managers related to physical education, sports consulting companies, research institutes, sports-center managers, sports business CEOs, experts in leisure resorts, etc.