Dept. of Computer Engineering

Dept. of Computer Engineering

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The purposes of the Department of Computer Engineering are to cultivate human resources that can make the future by participating in the development of the rapidly changing computer technologies and utilizing computers. For this, the department has operated the curriculums to meet the technological change and market demand and fostered information professionals that learn theories and technologies which lead the 21st century, the information age. 

Educational objectives

The Department of Computer Engineering has operated internships for combination design project subjects and the curriculums related to on-site practical business to improve practical business skills of information and communications engineering technologies learned through the major liberal arts and major curriculums.  The internship process provides opportunities that prospective graduates can have experiences about practical business in industries. And it seeks to foster professional human resources with international competitiveness by organizing engineering English in the curriculums to improve practical English required for the IT major. It can develop the practical business skills that can apply knowledge learned through the major course to necessary skills for the actual sites by operating seminars of onsite experts in a special lecture form.

Prospects and career

1. Laboratories of big companies, enterprises of middle standing, and small and middle-sized businesses
2. Research service/technical post of laboratories
3. Public enterprises and public officials of various levels
4. Service industry
5. Foundation
6. Studying abroad