Dept. of Electronic Engineering

Dept. of Electronic Engineering

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The Department of Electronic Engineering, Hallym University provides various curriculums to foster engineers with the creative problem-solving ability that satisfies various industries' demands in the electric and electronic engineering fields, one of the essential skills of the modern industrial society and teach basic professional knowledge and practical business skills that are positively necessary for industrial sites and can be immediately be utilized in them. The Department of Electronic Engineering provides differentiated education from those of other universities as follow: 
- Site-centered knowhow education of professors with rich experiences in the industries
- Preparing the major curriculums that harmonize theories with practice
- Advisors can closely supervise teachers through the compulsory counseling or supervision activities. 

We concentrate on teaching students in the following fields among the several sectors of electronics.
- Imbedded system field: We educate students in how hardware and software of various types of imbedded systems are made through the relevant major theores and practices to make them used in sites immediately. Students can learn basic knowledge of various medical devices that the market have recently and greatly grown. 
- Communication and signal processing field: Students can learn the relevant signal processing technologies that are positively necessary for making communication systems which can be the core of the IT field.
- Circuit and semiconductor field: Modern civilization without electronic circuit devices (IC) using semiconductors is beyond our thinking. Stduents can learn circuit theories that they must know to make IC devices and how to make them.

Educational objectives

Let's be engineers who are strong on sites!
The Department of Electronic Engineering has done its best to foster excellent and professional engineers with theories and hands-on practical business skills by providing education of its entire fields faithfully. There are the following sources of pride in the department.
1. Faithful curriculums focusing on basic theories and practical business
2. The excellent faculty with the best educational backgrounds and rich hands-on experiences in companies 
3. Rich government-funded programs including BK21, GOAL NURI, HEGA NURI, LINC, LINC+, etc.
4. Enough financial support of individual projects
5. Providing the high-tech ubiquitous engineering curriculums.
6. The latest excellent educational environment
Especially, it has provided the excellent curriculums as the government support the high-tech ubiquitous field to the department.

Prospects and career

Electronics can be the essential field applicable to human brain in the 21st century's high-tech industry and scientific society. Electronics enables new technologies including nanotechnology, biotechnology, robot technology, etc. And it will play a pivotal role even in the 21st century as the core field that create new technologies by combining it with them.
Laboratories of big companies, enterprises of middle standing, and small and middle-sized businesses : Companies of the entire electronic field (As the base of electronic technologies is expanded, opportunities for employment will be expanded.)
- Research service/technical post of laboratories : Researchers of national research institutes
- Public enterprises and public officials of various levels: Technology examinations, technical posts, or regular government service
- Service industry: Entering the service industry based on understanding of electronic technologies
Foundation: Individual foundation by technologies
- Studying abroad