Dept. of Convergence Software

Dept. of Convergence Software

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About the department

The Department of Convergence Software was established to foster professional human resources specialized in the software field, one of the high-tech IT fields of the 21st century. It develops the professional software development ability required for the industrial world through the practical business-centered education. As the department includes the excellent faculty with rich experiences in the industries and overseas fields, they are responsible for the all-round education of converging technology required for various industrial sites. It provides 1:1 education and vocational guidance from entering the university to graduating from it. And it has built the industrial and academic cooperation programs that induce students to get jobs early before graduation.

Prospects and career

Students can enter various industrial fields including domestic and overseas big companies, promising middle and small businesses in the wide IT and software fields after graduating from the Department of Convergence Software. They get to enter the industries as the talented persons of web developers, software solution developers, robot control software developers, mobile and wireless communications experts, embedded system software developers, virtual and augmented reality contents developers, and bio and medical engineers. Because the technical combination of IT and software technologies with various industrial fields has recently accelerated, it is expected to take the advantageous position first in entering the large industrial fields including automobiles, information appliances, medical systems, etc. And students can enter professional research or educational fields after earning their master's or doctoral degrees by entering graduate school after graduation.