Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

Fostering the global talented persons who play a pivotal role in the future core industrial fields.
Materials Science and Engineeringis the independent field that researches and develops core materials in the 21st century's industrial fields that seek to improve the quality of life and combines science and technologies with each other and concretely realizes them by connecting it to other science and engineering fields including bio/medical science, chemistry/physics, electric/electronic science, chemical engineering/biotech, computer/environmental system, architecture/civil engineering, etc. 
In the undergraduate course, students learn basic theories about whole materials in depth and plan and design various types of materials and elements and the production process through experiments about them. Its purposes are to faster the global talented persons who will play a pivotal roles in the future core industrial fields based on basic science and engineering and high-tech knowledge by developing the ability to utilize them to application fields.

Educational objectives

Vision and goals of the department
The cradle of the global talented persons who contribute future society
Creating BT-NT-IT convergence materials technologies and fostering talented persons
Fostering convergent global talented persons with creativity and professionalism


  • - Fostering creative talented persons
  • - Fostering convergence materials experts
  • - Strengthening educational and human capabilities
Focusing on the regional studies that drive knowledge and creative economy


  • - Improving research excellence
  • - Innovation and entrepreneurial spirits
  • - Finding leading convergence tasks
Building the global Hallym network


  • - Vitalizing the Hallym network
  • - Technical support of regional industries
  • - Various global cooperation

Prospects and career

Materials Science and Engineering will be the nation's growth momentum that can create national wealth by combining it with the nano, bio, and new material fields, the national core foundation industries, creating new innovative industries that will lead the 21st century's civilization, and upgrading the existing industrial structure. Therefore, students can enter very various fields including the semiconductor industry that is the national core industry, the display industry, the processing/equipment industry, materials/parts industry, the automobile industry, the bio industry, the medical service industry, etc., work in the national and public research institutes and government organizations, and realize their dreams as enterprisers after graduation.
Career after graduation
Materials Science and Engineering
  • Government-funded research institutes
  • Medical devices
  • Bio
  • Processing / Equipment
  • Display
  • Semiconductor
  • Materials
  • Materials