College of Medicine


International level of studies, student-centered education, and community service

College of Medicine

Medical science makes a contribution to improving health and welfare of mankind by treating and keeping their life directly. It requires theories based on scientific bases and training of professional medical techniques. Doctors or nurses need to have basic qualifications by understanding diseases and learning treatment techniques and knowledge that can treat patients respectfully. Therefore, the College of Medicine, Hallym University concentrates on personality education, general culture, and professional medical education that doctors and nurses should have And it leads internationalization education to make them global leaders. 
In addition, the College of Medicine, Hallym University boasts the best clinical education conditions that can provide the courses to foster resident doctors (interns and residents), medical specialists, and nurses for all the graduates based on 6 hospitals under the medical center (Chuncheon Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital, and Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital).

Departments and majors

The Department of Pre-medical Science, the Department of Medical Science, and the Department of Nursing

Educational purposes and objectives

The Department of Pre-medical Science / The Department of Medical Science
Educational purposes of the Department of Pre-medical Science and the Department of Medical Science, Hallym University are to foster good doctors with rich humanity and creative intelligence. Good doctors mean the doctors who regard looking after patients as utmost concern, can learn and take on latest knowledge and techniques, have good relationship with colleagues as well as patients, and behave faithfully based on honesty and trust. 

To accomplish the educational purposes, the educational objectives are to foster the following doctors.
Doctors who have wide cultural views, right ethics, and physical health
Doctors who have the primary health care ability
Doctors who continue to develop the ability of experts about medical science
Doctors who have the ability and knowledge to be able to be active in the international community
Doctors who seek self-realization by making a contribution to society, nations, and mankind