Medical Education/Premedical Education

Dept. of Pre-medical Science and the Dept. of Medical Science

Establishing a criterion for education through passion and conviction

About the department

The two-year course of the Department of Pre-medical Science aims at education that improve cosmopolitan outlooks and foreign language ability to make health care providers or medical scientists participate in educating general liberal arts that they can have smooth personality and knowledge necessary for them and learning basic studies of natural science based on the medical majors and make a contribution to health of mankind. Therefore, the department's purposes are to produce the doctors who seek self-realization by making a contribution to health of mankind through the doctors with sound ethical judgement, the doctors who constantly learn and improve new knowledge and medical techniques, and internationalization and leadership.  

The four-year course of the Department of Medical Science aims at problem-solving education and patient-centered education to make students have the professional ability to be able to make the best and reasonable medical decisions for patients as well as learn medical knowledge and techniques. And it makes students self-initiated autonomy and learning by team.  

Also, it has provided opportunities of learning for them to make them acquire cosmopolitan outlooks and broaden their mental vision by sending exchange students to university hospitals in U.S., Europe, Japan, etc. including American Columbia-Cornell University. The curriculums have been organized to make them improve their ethical and affective qualifications as doctors as well as medical knowledge, fulfill their responsibility and serve as a member of society, and play a role of holistic health care providers and leaders through continuous self-development.     

Students get to have qualifications to enter for the National Examination for Medical Practitioners when they graduate from the university after completing all these curriculums. When they pass the examination and receive medical licenses, they are finally able to live as doctors.


Educational objectives

Doctors who have wide cultural views, right ethics, and physical health
Doctors who have the primary health care ability
Doctors who continue to develop the ability of experts about medical science
Doctors who have the ability and knowledge to be able to be internationally active
Doctors who seek self-realization by making a contribution to society, nations, and mankind

Prospects and career

When students obtain medical doctor's licenses, they can work in various fields. They can be active in the various fields that need roles as clinical doctors, basic medical scientists, and doctors. For the way to be clinical doctors, students complete the intern and resident courses in 6 hospitals under the Hally University Medical Center (Chuncheon, Kangnam, Hangang, Hallym, Dongtan, and Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospitals) and become applicable medical specialists through the examinations for specialists. Hallym University has the advantage that students can be trained by selecting the clinical departments that they want more freely because there are many training hospitals that they can be educated. Even after becoming specialists, they can make a contribution to communities while they care for patients as general practioners. And they can be the clinical doctors in the hospitals and at the same time, university professors who are responsible for research activities and students education.  

If students are interested in basic medicine, they can participate in the development of basic medicine through the degree courses in the basic medicine classrooms in the College of Medicine. Majors in basic medicine are now active in the College of Medicine, Hallym University and domestic and overseas excellent colleges of medicine as professors. In addition, there are the graduates who are active in government-affiliated organizations as well as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, various medical research institutes, the World Health Organization, and organs of public opinion as professionals. The College of Medicine, Hallym University has provided various educational environments to make all the medical students grow as health care providers with professional knowledge who can cope with the rapidly changing medical and health environments.