Convergence Program of Intelligent IoT Engineering

Convergence Program of Intelligent IoT Engineering

Educational Objectives and HR Vision

The main technical factors of IoT are sensors to collect information; networks to deliver it; and data analysis to analyze and evaluate data for decision making. Students of Intelligent IoT Engineering will become healthcare IoT specialists by acquiring basic engineering skills and learning to apply them in the healthcare service industry.

Competency Indices for Accreditation of Major

Domain Core Competency Competency Accreditation
Specialized Domain for Convergence Majors IoT HW development Investigation of IoT sensor characteristics
IoT sensor applications
Understanding IoT networks
Embedded system applications
IoT SW development Understanding data collection techniques
Data analysis
Application of automation techniques such as machine learning
Analysis and development of IoT services
Healthcare service development Demand analysis for healthcare service
Planning and development of healthcare service
Practical Domain Self-directed learning Understanding of principles, scientific thinking, problem solving
Creative problem solving Problem analysis, flexible thinking, efficient decision making
Adapting to industry Application of healthcare IoT convergence
Character Building Leadership Clear direction and pursuit of direction
Cooperation Communication and consensus, support and respect for others 

Career Prospects

Smart home appliance companies, smart home equipment and service companies, communication companies, national/public research organizations, healthcare consulting firms, healthcare equipment and service companies, app developers, healthcare marketing companies, venture startups, etc.