Undergraduate and graduate linkage

Eligibility and Application

A) The application period for the undergraduate and graduate linkage courses is the second semester of the third grade.
B) The qualification for applying for the undergraduate and graduate courses is as follows. However, transfer students can not apply.
① A student who has earned more than the following credits until the 2nd semester of the 3rd grade of the Bachelor’s Degree course
학·석사연계과정의 신청자격 - 학사학위과정 3학년 2학기까지 취득학점 이상 안내
Graduation Credit Acquired Credit
Faculty (department) requiring 130 credits 112 credits
Faculty (department) requiring 135 credits 114 credits
Faculty (department) requiring 140 credits 119 credits
② A student with a GPA of 3.50 or higher
③ A student who has been recommended by the dean and the advisor