Graduation assessment

How to check

1) Integrated Information System -> School register -> School register inquiry -> Graduation self-diagnosis -> Graduation Thesis / Check Graduation Credits
2) Schedule: Announced separately through announcement of every semester
  • Integrated Information System
  • School Register
  • School Register Inquiry
  • Graduation Self-diagnosis
  • Graduation Thesis/
    Check Graduation

Schedule: Announced separately through an announcement every semester


1) A student who completed teaching courses may not acquire a teacher certificate even if the judgment is ‘pass’ (separate examination) Be sure to check whether to acquire it to a person responsible for teaching (033-248-2791)
2) A student who needs to revise the completion category should visit the administration office for correction
3) For details related to the completion of the required courses, contact the department administration office in advance
4) In the case of season semester students, the contents will be reflected after the end of the season semester (Search with failed or not entered until the season semester grades are processed)
5) A student who did not pay the thesis (test) examination fee fails to pass (Subject to next semester assessment)
6) Be sure to get a counseling in the department administration office before applying for season semester substitution re-completion or re-completion (If there is a problem due to misapplication or non-application- lack of a credit or course, it will become the subject of enrollment of the next semester)
7) In case of exchange / dispatch students, it is necessary to check whether the student's grades are accepted (If the grades submission and the acceptance are delayed, the student will be subject to the enrollment of the next semester)
8) In the case of internship participants, they should be careful for disqualification when abnormal grades processing or GPA drop

* The period may be changed according to the academic schedule of each semester

Contact place

1) Judgment result: Administration office of each department
2) Job Graduation Grace: Employment support center
3) Program-related inquiries: School Affairs Team