Acceptance and exchange of other universities’ credits

Acceptance of other universities’ credits

It is a system to recognize the credits earned by other universities as credits completed in our university in order to provide opportunities for students to have access to various studies through active exchange with other universities in Korea and abroad.
Details on credits acceptance
타 대학 학점인정 이수학점 인정 내용 안내
Category Credits completed Related department
Exchange with Foreign University Less than 18 credits per semester International Exchange Team - International Exchange Center
Tel : 033-248-1341/2
Exchange with Domestic university Korea University Virtual Education Association Less than 6 credits per semester Less than a total of 24 credits through the school year Educational Development Center
Tel : 033-248-3043
Exchange with Sookmyung Women's University Less than 18 credits (Can apply for when more than 4 semesters have been completed, GPA is 3.0 or higher) chool Affairs Team
Tel : 033-248-1015
Total Recognized within 1/4 of graduation credits