Leave of absence / return to school

Leave of absence

1) Leave of absence is divided into general leave, military service leave, start-up leave and pregnancy·childbirth·child-rearing leave.

2) When a student wants to take a leave of absence, he or she must fill out the leave form with his/her gardian within 3/4 of the semester's weeks and submit it to the Student Support Team. However, military service leave is based on the day of joining the army.

3) Freshmen are not allowed to take a leave of absence in the first semester (except for transfer students, re-admission students and foreign students). However, in the event of illness, the student should fill out the leave form with a medical certificate attached issued by the general hospital of this university and general hospitals of higher level, obtain the approval of the head of department (faculty) and the dean and then, submit it to the student support team for approval of president

4) The leave period for general leave of absence is one semester or two semesters and a total of six semesters(three years) can be withdrawn through the period of study (The period of military service and start-up leave and pregnancy·childbirth·child-rearing leave are excluded from leave period).
The same procedure must be completed on the specified date when the leave period expires and is extended.

5) The leave period of start-up leave and pregnancy·childbirth·child-rearing leave can not exceed four semesters(two years).

6) Leave of absence due to the flunk of medical students should not be counted in the leave period.

7) A leave student holds school register during the leave period.

8) If a regular leave student joins the army by conscription, the procedure of military service leave must be repeated.

9) A student must accurately manage the address, phone number, personal mobile phone, e-mail, etc. of the personal (guardian) information so that he/she can receive the notice sent by our school during the leave

Return to school

1) When a student who has withdrawn from school is to return to school, the course registration will be completed without submitting a separate application form if the student pays tuition and enrollment fees during the enrollment period of each semester

2) A student who wants to return after the start of the course must submit a reinstatement form to the Student Support Team.

3) A student who has withdrawn due to military service must return within one year from the date of discharge.

4) The tuition bill can be downloaded from the school website.