Re-admission qualification

A) If a dismissed or expelled person wants re-admission, he or she is permitted to enter the school within the limits of the admission quota.
B) Re-admission is not permitted for a person who has been dismissed by disciplinary action.
C) A person who has been expelled by grade warnings will be allowed to return to school after more than one year from the date of expulsion. However, students can not be re-admitted if they are expelled for the same reason after re-admission.
D) A student athlete who has withdrawn from the course or training and a student who has withdrawn without going through the process of cancellation of the student athlete qualification is not allowed to enter the school again.

Re-admission application time / procedure

A) For re-admission, you must submit the "Re-admission form" to the Admission Office during the specified period of each semester.
B) A student who is permitted to readmission must pay enrollment fees and tuition (including admission fees).
C) Re-admission student's previous grade warning and the number of leaves are gone.