Recognition of transfer students’ credits

Criteria for recognition
A transferred student can be granted up to 72 credits of the previous university, but, up to 90 credits of a student who completed five semesters or more in the previous university may be recognized (excluding undergraduate transfer students and college graduates) 
In the case of major, up to 24 credits are recognized as graduation credicts of our university.
But, additional 3 credits are recognized for Linked Education Special transfer students.
Recognition Procedure
- In order for a transfer student to achieve recognition for credits of the previous university, the student must submit a "transfer credit recognition form" to the head of his or her department (or professor in charge of major) with the transcript in the early admission attached.
- The head of department (faculty) should examine the credits that can be recognized by comparing with the curriculum of the department, report to the president and notify the student of these contents