Drop out and expulsion

If you can not maintain your school register for the unavoidable reasons, the school may destroy the student's school register according to certain reasons.

Drop out

Students who want to leave our school for unavoidable reasons should fill out the dropout form and send it to the student support team after stamping the seal.


Expulsion is to destroy the school register at our school and students will be expelled in the following cases.
- Students who have not completed enrollment on the due date of each semester
- Students with tuition divided payments who have not paid the remaining tuition fees on time
- Students who do not take a single course after enrollment
- Students enrolled in another school
- Students who have not returned to school within the return period after the leave period
- Students who correspond to three consecutive or four times of grade warning (in the case of medicine department, students who have flunked four times in total after enrollment). Except for students enrolled for more than 8 semesters
- A student athlete who has dropped out of class or training without a justifiable reason
- Other students who have been expelled or dismissed due to cheating or discipline

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