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Career examination
MBTI personality type test, STRONG job interest test, Fingerprint personality test, Support for self-analysis using Freddie's career guidance card, career interest, strength search
Career and Employment Courses
진로 및 취업 교과목 학년별 안내
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Employment and Career 1
(Lower grade course setting course)
Successful employment strategy 2-01
(Employment Specialist Mentoring Course)
Successful employment strategy 2-02
(Social marketing talent training course)
Successful employment strategy 3-01
(Women CEO training and management mind development course)
  Successful employment strategy 3-02
(KT & G group company and sales / marketing job course)
    Employment and Career 2
(Upper grade employment design course)
    Successful employment strategy 1
(Job application form + interview master course)
    A way to be a happy worker
(Worker mind and business manners training course)
Career and Employment Programs
Career programs: Special career lectures on career setting, job search, job analysis, university life career development method etc.
Employment programs: Special employment lectures on how to write a job application form, interview lecture and mock interview, portfolio strategy etc.
Providing free online videos and contents for career and employment (corporate analysis, interview analysis, job aptitude test, etc.)
Educe Online Employment Solutions
Incruit Employment School

Career and employment consultation
Regular consultation related to career and employment such as career counseling using career test, application form clinic, mock interview clinic etc.
Career and employment program / Career examination / Career and employment consultation application
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Field Practice Center

Field Practice Program
Students to be supported: Hallym University 3rd ~ 4th grade students (Excluding students on a leave of absence )
Credits and Grants: When completing field practice, credits and grants are given depending on the training period
현장실습 프로그램 안내
Category 1st Semester Long-term Field Practice Summer Short-term Field Practice 2nd semester Long-term Field Practice Winter Short-term Field Practice
Period of implementation March to June End of June ~ End of August September to Decembe End of December ~ End of February
Practice period 16 weeks 4 weeks or 8 weeks 16 weeks 4 weeks or 8 weeks
Grant 1,000,000won 500,000won(4 weeks)
1,000,000won(8 weeks)
1,000,000won 500,000won(4 weeks)
1,000,000won(8 weeks)
Credits Maximum 15 Credits 3 Credits ~ 6 Credits Maximum 15 Credits 3 Credits ~ 6 Credits
Introduction of field practice program and application
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