Teaching and Learning Support Program

Teaching support

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Program Name Overview Related Homepage
Class Observation & Instructional Consulting A program that helps teachers improve the quality of their lessons through self-diagnosis of class activities while watching the video taken during the class or expert analysis or 1: 1 consulting
Teaching Method Coaching Mentoring Program A program that connects new professors with career professors 1: 1 to help new professors adapt to the system or structure of the university and to support them to create new teaching know-how
Workshops on Teaching Method A program that provides a variety of seminars and workshops about teaching methods to improve the quality of lectures for effective teaching activities and strengthening the students’ competency. (teaching method workshops to strengthen Hallym’s Future Talents’ competency, teaching method workshop for new teachers, teaching method workshop to guide and counsel Hallym’s Future Talents’ career, etc.)
Operation of flip learning courses A project to consult and support the instructor’s operation of courses so that self-directed learning can be realized for deriving the learner's potential by developing educational contents (mini core lectures) by discipline and designing lessons newly
Open Course Ware high quality lectures of our university through participation in the OCW program, which is a public knowledge sharing movement to support everyone to listen to them.
Open lectures are available through KOCW web site.
Practical teaching method training program A program that supports the external training of various topics to improve teaching techniques of teachers
Hallym Learner-centered Excellent Class Discovery Project A program that discovers and spreads excellent learner-centered classes through the recommendation and opinions of the students among courses opened in the semester

Learning Support

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Program Name Overview Related Homepage
Hallym mentoring A program for mentee' adaptation to campus life and improvement of the learning ability of major courses through group learning activity between department seniors and juniors
Core Empowerment Consulting A program for improving experience / cooperation / self-directed learning through subject-specific professional instruction and team projects
Win-win Learning Stepping Stone Program A program for adjusting to college life and improving learning ability by providing information necessary for university life and counseling (mentoring) to students placed under academic probation in the previous semester
You & I Lifelong Design Program 1: 1 individual consulting program to analyze and diagnose the learning problems (learning method / motivation and interest / career counseling type) that students are experiencing and to help them to solve problems by themselves through various activities
Hallym Learning Diagnosis Program A program that conducts a learning ability test of freshmen and helps to promote self-understanding and to acquire necessary learning strategies through examination analysis
Creative Hallym People Knowledge Competition A competition program through creative contents production and sharing as part of the spreading of knowledge sharing culture
Odyssey Learning Capacity Enhancement Program Providing learning tips to improve students' learning ability / A program to provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and information necessary for learning activity through workshop on various topics
Creative Learning Club A program that improves academic achievement through active collaborative learning and foster convergent talents by allowing students from two departments (majors) to organize a team and operate a learning club by themselves
Good class recommendation competition A program that shares information on various instructional strategies and lectures to professors and students by recommending excellent courses among the courses they take during the semester

MOOC support

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Program Name Overview Related Homepage
Hallym SmartCampus E-learning class support system that supports the use of classroom in smartphone and tablet environment through hybrid app, mobile homepage as well as PC version online classroom of on/offline classes
Career Exploration Plan(C.E.P.) A system that helps students to set their own career goals according to the track provided by the department and take courses and qualify themselves according to their career goals
K-MOOC Participation in the K-MOOC project provides students with free access to high quality lectures of our university, realizing a balance of practical opportunities for quality higher education and contributing to the higher education innovation and creation of a lifelong learning foundation for higher education.Students can take MOOC lectures of Hallym University and other universities