International exchange


- In order to become a leader who has the ability to work freely on the global stage in the era of globalization, students must have international sense and foreign language ability and acquire specialized expertise and skills to be able to work freely in a specialized field that is differentiated day by day.
Hallym University conducts an exchange student system to provide opportunities for students to study advanced disciplines in their field of study abroad during their school years.
To this end, we have concluded an academic exchange agreement with some of the most prestigious universities in the world to help our students to perform well in the globalization era.



- Students may apply for an exchange student from the first semester of the second grade to the first semester of the fourth grade of the semester, and must meet the requirements of the corresponding exchange university.

Selection process

- Students who want to be an exchange student are selected by the International Exchange Team through the selection process according to the schedule of the exchange education, and they are informed to the relevant department by the approval of the president one month before the commencement.


- The exchange student must pay the designated tuition fee to our school or the exchange university in accordance with the agreement between the universities during the exchange training period and maintain the status of the current student even if he / she does not apply to enroll in the semester.

Exchange Student Education Duration

- The duration of the student exchange program may not exceed two semesters in total, and the period of the exchange study at the exchange university is counted in the student's school year.
Students may not give up their studies or leave school without permission of the school during the exchange education period.

Course Completion

- Subjects to be completed at an exchange university may be accepted as a course completion at our school.
However, it is not possible to redundantly complete the subjects of the same name as the subjects already completed in our university and liberal arts compulsory subjects are excluded from courses subject to exchange education.

Credit Recognition Procedure

- Students who want to be recognized for the credits and grades obtained through the exchange student program must fill out an exchange credit and academic achievement application within two weeks after the end of the exchange education (However, for graduates-to-be in the semester of the exchange education semester, by 2 months before the end of the semester)and submit it to the head of the faculty (department) or the head professor.

Credit recognition

- Up to credits earned for courses completed in the exchange student program may be accepted per semester and recognized as the actual name of the course completed at the exchange university, but may be recognized as a subject of our school according to the content of the course. If credits completed from a foreign university are accepted, they will be marked as "Completed at foreign university (Name of exchange university)" in the corresponding semester of the school register.

- If the credit completion unit of the courses completed at the exchange university and the grading method are different from those of our university, they are converted into the grading standard of our University and accepted through examination by the department concerned